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Tree survey of tree in close proximity to house

Residential Tree Surveys and Tree Works Schedules

CBA Trees Ltd frequently undertake tree surveys to BS5837:2012 which may be used as guidance for the development of your property or proposed extension or the basis for an ongoing management plan.


An initial Tree Survey of the site will be undertaken to the required British Standard, grading trees and other vegetation according to its condition and prospective longevity. Dangerous trees, or those with a very short life expectancy are normally recommended for removal, with the remaining trees graded as high, moderate or low quality.


The Tree Survey Report will indicate preliminary management recommendations and remedial and formative treeworks, within a set timescale and from this, advice can be provided on your development proposals.


Where required, a subsequent tree management plan will detail the need for regular (perhaps three yearly) follow up surveys and ongoing management and maintenance.


CBA Trees frequently advises, and on behalf of the client, submits applications to, the Local Planning Authority for any Tree Works required.


About Us


CBA Trees has many years experience in Arboriculture and Tree Services.

If you're looking for a professional solution to your tree problem then CBA Trees has the expert waiting for your instruction!



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CBA Trees

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Telephone: 023 8098 6229


ArbExcellence LTD trading as CBA Trees is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 08846713. Registered office: Chesil House, Arrow Close, Boyatt Wood, Hampshire, SO50 4SY  VAT Number: 127662913.


Telephone: 023 8098 6229 


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